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Product news - SELFOC® Micro Lens (SML), SELFOC® Lens Array (SLA), SELGUIDE (SG), SELFOC® Imaging Lens (IL), SELFOC®Rod Lens (SRL), SELFOC® Lens Plate (SLP)


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  • 11/06/2023
    News Release: NSG succeeds in developing SELFOC® Lens Array SLA 5EG employing 300µm extra-fine lens fibers


Product news - GLASFLAKE®, FLEKA®, FINEFLAKE, METASHINE® Automotive/Industrial, METASHINE® Cosmetic, MAR'VINA®, Glass Cord - Belt, Glass Cord/RICS - Rubber/Resin Reinforcement, MAGNAVI®, Low-dielectric glass filler

  • Glass Cord - Belt

  • Glass Cord/RICS - Rubber/Resin Reinforcement

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  • 11/16/2023
    Development of Resorcinol Formaldehyde (RF)-Free Adhesive for Rubber Reinforcing Materials

Ultra-thin glass

Product news - glanova® - Ultra-thin glass for chemical strengthening, UFF® - Ultra-thin soda-lime glass

  • glanova® - Ultra-thin glass for chemical strengthening

  • UFF® - Ultra-thin soda-lime glass

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  • 10/06/2023
    "UFF®" and "glanova®" Glass Products, Recognized for SCS Recycled Content Certification for the First Time