• glanova® - Ultra-thin glass for chemical strengthening

  • UFF® - Ultra-thin soda-lime glass

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"UFF®" and "glanova®" Glass Products, Recognized for SCS Recycled Content Certification for the First Time


“UFF®” ultra-fine flat glass and “glanova®” chemically strengthened glass have received Recycled Content Certification from SCS Global Services (SCS), third-party environmental sustainability certification and auditing organization.

These glass products are used for a wide range of applications such as Electronics, Touch Panel Glass, cover glass, mobile devices, auto interiors, Office Automation and Factory Automation. With this certification, it is now recognized by an independent organization that more than 35% of materials in “UFF®” and 38% of it in “glanova®” are made from pre-consumer recycled glass such as trimmed glass from the manufacturing processes of float glass. Although this certification is limited to some items of each brand, with the certification of these products as a stepping stone, we aim to develop a brand of environmentally friendly products that meet the needs of the market in the future.

  Recycling certification by SCS Global Service