Areas of contribution and product use

Product use

NSG are contributing to the product differentiation and reliability of the clients in four areas.


The 21st Century is said to be the era of optical science.
NSG will provide high-speed, high-precision, and high-efficiency new values to information communication technology that uses optics.

  • Optical elements

    Optical elements

    With the advanced control of optics, NSG create new values in various fields.

  • Communication


    NSG is continuing to contribute to the realization of high-speed, large-capacity telecommunication technology that will support future requirements.

  • Copy/print/scan


    NSG achieve high-quality image reading and compact printing.

  • CCM


    NSG support camera quality and reliability with our unique optical control technology.

  • Automatic optical inspection

    Automatic optical inspection

    NSG contribute to improve the efficiency and the precision of visual inspection in advanced fields.


In various industrial fields worldwide, new materials are changing the way engineers design products.
Advanced glass technology provides new values and new possibilities.

  • High-performance resin

    High-performance resin

    NSG create new values in resin parts with an outstanding performance.

  • Rubber


    Rubber products with NSG material for high-efficiency transmission systems have changed the way automotive engines are designed.

  • Anticorrosion (corrosion resistant) paint.

    Anticorrosion (corrosion resistant) paint.

    NSG products are used in anti-corrosion paints and coatings, leading to longer life and safety on social infrastructures.

  • Cover glass

    Cover glass

    We offer new experiences and value with ultra-thin glass that is easy to process and hard to break and is environmentally friendly.


With its unprecedented brilliance and brightness NSG product expands the boundaries of design.
New, exciting opportunnities are being sought.

  • Glittering material for automotive and industrial

    Glittering material for automotive and industrial

    With transparency and brightness, NSG create new values that are visible to your eye.

  • Cosmetics


    NSG support "commitment" with the effects of various lights and functions.


As the average life expectancy increases, people's interest in a healthy lifestyle also increases.
High-performance material based on unique optical control technology is working actively in the field of inspections and medical treatments.

  • Medical care

    Medical care

    NSG contribute to improve image quality in diagnosis and medical treatment with unique lenses and optical filters.