• PicoGene®PCR1100
Real-time PCR device


Previously only possible in laboratories, our portable PCR1100 brings mobility to genetic measuring anytime and anywhere. This solution makes it possible to detect DNA and RNA on site to identify genes in various scenes.

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It can be easily used on site to test "Food hygiene", "Environmental pollution surveys",and "Biological resource surveys".
Nippon Sheet Glass group strives to contribute to the safety and security of people's lives not only in Japan but around the world with the development of brand-new genetic device technologies.
Our Motto is “Bringing peace of mind and wellbeing for all”.

For research use only.
Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

  • PicoGene®

PicoGene®PCR1100 is amazing!!

Various DNA and RNA measurements are possible!

Animals, plants, fungi, viruses and all other living organisms have their specific genes (DNA or RNA). PCR technology, therefore, has the major advantage of identifying every organism through DNA identification.
The technology is also applied to gene analysis in the food industry and environment protection sectors, as well as to DNA identification in the forensic sector. More unexplored fields will continue to be found.
PicoGene builds on NSG Group’s unique technical capabilities to make PCR-based gene analysis more convenient and user-friendly.

Campylobacter spp.

Campylobacter spp.

Legionella spp.

Legionella spp.



It can be used anywhere,and inspections can be carried out quickly!

Previously only possible in laboratories, our portable PCR1100 brings mobility to genetic measuring anytime and anywhere.

For example, until now, even if there was a suspicion of an infectious disease in livestock, the situation was that the sample was carried to the research facility and then the test was started, but since it can be done immediately on the spot, it will be possible to test in a shorter time.

Minimum measurement time 10min.

It can be easily used on site to test "Food hygiene", "Environmental pollution surveys",and "Biological resource surveys".

Following applications could be possible by the identification of living things using a small piece of genetic material.

- Detection of bacteria even when a slight amount is mixed in food.
- Detection of bacteria even when a slight amount is adhered on cutting board.
- Investigation of traces of living things to know about the existence of a certain living thing (ex. AYU(sweet fish) at river,existence of rare animal species)
- Identification of living things which cannot be determined by the outlook. (ex.Fire ants)

Our Motto is “Bringing peace of mind and wellbeing for all”.

Gene quantification identifies DNA for any organisms.
The technology contributes to a healthier, safer and more secure life through extensive use in the food safety, environment protection and forensic medicine sectors.

We want to be a company that contributes to society as much as possible in order to protect the lives and safety of people around the world through mobile real-time genetic measurment.

Our Motto is “Bringing peace of mind and wellbeing for all”.

  • Protect from Legionella
    Protect from Legionella

    PicoGene®PCR1100 quickly detects Legionella spp. lurking in our immediate surroundings.

  • Protect from Campylobacter
    Protect from Campylobacter

    PicoGene®PCR1100 quickly detects Campylobacter spp. lurking in our immediate surroundings.

  • Protecting public health and increasing safety
    Protecting public health and increasing safety

    Experience the world changed by PicoGene®PCR1100.

Technical information

Nippon Sheet Glass group has successfully developed a technologically advanced Mobile Real-Time PCR (gene testing) device that shortens the amount of time needed to measure gene content with high precision.

Development concepts

Conventional genetic testing equipment was only used in specialized facilities as it was large-sized, expensive, and testing took a long time.
Meanwhile, there are demands for genetic testing that can be used on-site and can provide measurement results quickly.

In order to satisfy the market needs, we developed this compact device that provides shorter testing times while maintaining a high level of accuracy by combining the following technologies held by the Creative Technology Division of Nippon Sheet Glass Co., Ltd.
(1) Unique small-sized fluorescence detection technology for measuring gene amount at a high sensitivity
(2) Technology to increase genes on a small plastic board at a high speed

This enables you to carry out high-sensitivity genetic testing anywhere.
As the device can quickly identify various types of genes on-site, it is expected to be used in a wide range of fields including food sanitary in factories, environmental pollution investigations, and bioprospecting.
NSG Group will continue to contribute to the advancement of genetic testing in the world with its motto “faster measurement on-site”.

Fluorescence detection method

The device uses a fiber type optical fluorescence detection head equipped with our unique micro lens. This allows a significant size reduction as well as high mobility.

Conventional fluorescence detection method

Conventional fluorescence detection method
Conventional PCR device uses a spherical surface lens and space optics system.

・The optical system is large.
・A dark box is required.
・Susceptible to vibrations.

Newly-developed fluorescence detection method

Newly-developed fluorescence detection method
The smaller mobile tester was achieved by using Nippon Sheet Glass SELFOC® micro lenses and optical fibers.

・The Optical system turned to be compact.
・A dark box is not required.
・Relatively resistant to vibrations.

Temperature control method

Moving the sample between high and low temperatures using a micro flow channel achieves reduced size, less power consumption, and higher speed.

Conventional temperature control method

Conventional temperature control method
In conventional PCR device, heating and cooling cycles are repeated using a single heater.

・Heating and cooling cycles take time.
・Power consumption is great.
・The heat block and circuit are large.

Newly-developed temperature control method

Newly-developed temperature control method
With high-speed PCR technology, the sample in the micro flow channel is moved between high and low temperature ranges repeatedly.

・The sample is heated and cooled fast.
・Power consumption is low.
・Smaller heat block and circuit can be achieved.

Video information

Check the video to see the wide range of uses and ease of use of the PicoGene®PCR1100.

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