New materials are being proposed for safe and efficient power storage devices.

As the world shifts to renewable energy, to efficiently use natural energy with large fluctuations, superior power storage technology needs to be developed quickly.
NSG is developing materials to improve the safety, durability, and energy density of secondary batteries that convert chemical energy to electrical energy and capacitors that store the charge.

Glass sheet material for next-generation batteries and capacitors

Power storage devices such as batteries and capacitors are being developed with climate change in mind.
Super Glass Paper newly developed by NSG is an ultra-thin glass nonwoven fabric with a thickness of 20µm or below, created with unique thin-film technology. With its high porosity and thermal resistance, it improves the performance of power storage devices. Simultaneously, NSG is also developing new Super Glass Paper which is suitable for reinfocing materials utilized in combination with functional materials such as polymer electrolytes and solid electrolytes.
NSG Super Glass Paper is improving the performance of power storage devices for the next-generation batteries and capacitors.

  • Glass sheet material for next-generation batteries and capacitors

NSG's Products

  • Super Glass Paper
    Super Glass Paper
    Ultra-thin glass nonwoven fabric with high porosity and heat resistance